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Crystal Beach

Boat Launch Crystal Beach Stores Bay Beach Boat Launch Crystal Beach Thinking Niagara...Discover Crystal Beach!

Discover Caribbean rated sandy beaches, the cool, clear waters of Lake Erie, wonderful dining options and watersport opportunities galore...all in Crystal Beach, Ontario.

Crystal Beach has long been one of Fort Erie's favorite tourist attractions, drawing thousands throughout the summer months from across Niagara, Western New York and as far as the Greater Toronto Area - as more and more discover Crystal Beach's charms.

Come for the afternoon, the day or an extended stay, and enjoy all that the area has to offer, including countless special events and functions throughout the summer tourist season.

Go for a swim, lounge on the white sand, sail around Point Abino Bay, fish or take in a cool drink on one of the areas many restaurant patios.

For more information on Crystal Beach, local accommodations and dining options, beach rules and regulations, parking information and directions, please call 1-888-270-9151 or visit today.

For a printable Crystal Beach information sheet, click HERE.

Historically known as a tourism mecca made famous in the late 1800's by its boardwalks, bathhouses, majestic hotels, and a seemingly endless throngs of ferry passengers, Crystal Beach enjoyed a reputation as a destination like no other.

Roller-coasters, big band concerts, dancehalls, white sand beaches, and luxurious restaurants all combined to create a romantic and exciting atmosphere which would go unrivaled for almost a century.

On Labour Day, 1989, Crystal Beach's most famous and transcendent landmark, the Crystal Beach Amusement Park was closed, ushering in a new era in Crystal Beach.

Ideally located Crystal Beach's population of 3,800 swells during the summer months from the thousands of “day trippers” and summer cottage residents enjoying its beaches and natural sites.

Today Crystal Beach is home to specialty shops, a yoga studio, a spa, fine and casual dining opportunities, lakefront nightlife, and a charm that shall never wear off.

Come to Crystal Beach and enjoy its natural beauty, specialty shopping, white sand beaches and its colourful history.

Directions for Crystal Beach

Getting to Crystal Beach from Buffalo: Cross at the Peace Bridge. Exit QEW at Thompson Road exit. At second lights (Garrison Road/HWY 3) veer right. Follow Garrison Road/Hwy 3 for approximately 9km/5.6m to Gorham Road. Turn left onto Gorham Road. Follow Gorham Road (which becomes Ridgeway Road) to Erie Road. Turn Right on Erie Road. Public Beach is located on the left approximately 0.5km/0.3m.

Getting to Crystal Beach from Toronto: Take the QEW toward Niagara Falls. At Niagara Falls continue on the QEW toward Fort Erie/Buffalo. Exit the QEW at Sodom Road. Follow Sodom Road (which becomes Gorham Road, which then becomes Ridgeway Road for approximately 13km/8.1m until you reach Erie Road. Turn Right on Erie Road. Public Beach is located on the left approximately 0.5km/0.3m.

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