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Media Release


FORT ERIE, Ontario, September 7, 2002 – Tony Rodway, President of Fort Erie’s Aero-Safe Technologies Inc., today announced a new enterprise as part of the Aero-Safe family. “Aero-Safe Processing will be a completely new stand-alone company. It will be a value-added processing facility complementing our manufacturing facility, Aero-Safe Technologies Inc.”,
explained Mr. Rodway.

At a sod turning at the new plant’s Commerce Parkway location, next to Aero-Safe Technologies on Pettit Road in the Fort Erie Business Park, Mr. Rodway explained “To our customers it will mean reduced lead times and a one-stop shop and to Aero-Safe it means reduced costs and better control of our products. We are now competing in a Global marketplace and our customers are making demands on us that were never made before. We have to learn new ways of doing business”.

The 7,200 square foot, two million dollar project is due for completion in January 2003. New jobs being created by Aero-Safe Processing will consist of a chemical engineer, processing manager, rackers and shippers.

In operation since 1982, Aero-Safe Technologies produces machined parts for the aerospace, defence, and satellite/surveillance, medical and environmental industries.

Mr. Rodway states “We are very excited about the new venture. It will improve our competitiveness in the marketplace. At the moment it feels like a giant leap of faith, but as we take small steps, perfecting them as we go, the prospects are fantastic. We have to keep an open mind and listen to our customers. They can lead us anywhere we want to go”.

Mr. Tony Rodway
Aero-Safe Technologies Inc.