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Media Release


FORT ERIE, Ontario, June 6, 2003 - The colourful history of Fort Erie was captured beautifully today in an unveiling by Mayor Wayne Redekop of a commemorative print of Crystal Beach by Fort Erie-born artist, Karey Wood.

Karey was born and raised in Crystal Beach and is a member of the Canadian military stationed at Petawawa. “Crystal Beach was home to my mom and eleven of her family members. Most of the family worked at the Crystal Beach Amusement Park. My grandfather was the Park’s mechanic there for over thirty years. You can see a lot of familiar faces in my work. It was really a labour of love”.

“The print captures wonderfully the excitement and community spirit of Crystal Beach for that historic fifty-year period”, stated Mayor Redekop. “The beach and its amusement park were enjoyed by thousands of visitors and played an important part in the lives of our local residents. The Town is delighted that Karey has chosen to remember the Beach in such an artistic way. His work really lends itself well to the renaissance that Crystal Beach is beginning to enjoy today.”

The print is a montage of activities that defined Crystal Beach from 1939 to 1989. In addition to the playful activities of children on the beach, the print showcases the Crystal Beach Amusement Park, famous bathhouse and Canadiana ferry.

Karey completes artistic works for the Armed Forces as well as for other clients.