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May 2, 2002 – Mayor Wayne Redekop on behalf of the Council for the Town of Fort Erie today announced the Town’s renaming of its Planning and Property Safety Department to Community Planning and Development Services. “This name change reflects Fort Erie’s growth both in terms of its residential and commercial development. The Town is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the Region and we’re responding to that growth.”

Residential building permits issued for new development saw a 55% increase year-over-year for the month of January. Rino Mostacci, Community Planning and Development Services Director, stated “The Town’s growth is showing itself in the numbers. Commercially speaking and because of our collaboration with the Economic Development & Tourism Services (EDTS) this year is going to be very busy.”

Fort Erie’s commercial development in 2002 will rival that of municipalities six and seven times larger than the Town. Jim Thibert, EDTS General Manager, explained “This has to do with the availability of our developable lands, proximity to the US and extraordinary market reach to 13 million people within three hours of us. We’re also trying to be as entrepreneurial as the developers who come here.” The Town has succeeded in filling 332,888 square feet of commercial space in the past year.

Fort Erie has a base population of 28,000 people, in addition to 9,000 daily gaming visitors and 10,000 seasonal residents. Commercial trade traffic crossing the Peace Bridge totals $20.8 billion annually.

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