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August 13, 2002 – Mayor Wayne Redekop on behalf of the Council for the Town of Fort Erie today announced that three Bridgeburg Station BIA businesses will begin to make improvements to their buildings under the Bridgeburg Station BIA Façade Improvement Program. “McCooey’s Bicycles and Vacuums, Niagara Automotive and Bridgeburg Pawnbroker have all been approved,” stated Mayor Redekop. “Another eight applicants are in the works. We expect that all improvements will be completed by late fall. This will have a terrific affect on our downtown.”

The need for the Bridgeburg Station BIA Façade Improvement Program was initiated by the BIA on behalf of its membership. The $60,000 fund was approved by Town Council and is administered jointly by the Municipality and the BIA. This partnership has resulted in a program that provides matching funds of up to $3,000 per business storefront per year. “This is one of the better things that has come along in a long time,” stated Jack Reece of the Bridgeburg Pawnbroker. “I couldn’t be happier to improve my building and my business. I hope more people get on board.”

Michael Hebbourn of Niagara Automotive explained “The reason I’m participating is that I think it may prompt others to get involved. We want this type of thing to spread.” McCooey Bicycles and Vacuums’ owner, Brian McCooey, expressed that, “In the last few years, the Town’s overall image has improved. I just want to be a part of that.”

The Bridgeburg Pawnbroker will be granted $3,000 under the program; Niagara Automotive will receive $1,500; and, McCooey’s Bicycles and Vacuums, $1,200. The $5,700 of matching funds will go toward $11,400 worth of improvements.

Rino Mostacci, Community Planning and Development Services Director, explained the four-steps of the Program. “Our management of the Program is comprehensive. It includes the preparation of a detailed façade improvement plan; submission of a grant application to the Program’s Façade Improvement Committee; completion of improvements; and an application for reimbursement of funds once the improvements are complete. The process is intended to support business owners and at the same time ensure that funds are appropriately spent.”

Business improvement areas are funded by their membership and their operations governed by the Ontario Municipal Act.

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Waterfront and Special Projects Co-ordinator
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