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FORT ERIE, Ontario, July 7, 2003 - Imanta Essentials (IE), a Fort Erie-based skin care wellness company, today was interviewed by Chinese state television giant, Guangxi Television, on the huge export market for IE products.

Margo MacFarlane, President of the one-year-old company, explained “We’re on the brink of exporting what is a very unique product line to a significant world market. The Guangxi province represents some 72 million people and thanks to the investor support we’ve gotten their state television is interested in us. This will not only enhance the market exposure we’ve been building this last year
but also lead to phenomenal product growth”.

Imanta Essentials manufactures and promotes skin care wellness products that are without petroleum or mineral oil, sulphate-free and made from ostrich oil combined with special recipes of healing essential oils. Skin, lip, foot and eye care lines as well as massage oils are popular products.

“I developed the products in response to the problems I was having as a result of my diabetes”, explained Ms. MacFarlane. “Diabetics often encounter serious skin ailments and muscle pain.
By experimenting with different blends of ostrich oil and essential oils, my skin problems were eliminated. People with a variety of ailments have benefited much in the same way I have from Imanta’s products”.

Part of the impetus to develop the company came three years ago when Margo attended the pilot
Hello Neighbour Program. The Program encouraged entrepreneurs to aggressively seek out export markets, like the US and South America, and was sponsored by Niagara College, NETCORP, Team Canada’s Export Division and the Forum of International Trade & Training. Our products were in
the Program’s juried competition and out of over 200 companies, were one of the 25 companies
chosen. We’ve been building upon that momentum ever since”.

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