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FORT ERIE, April 7, 2004 - Mayor Wayne Redekop and General Manager of the Fort Erie Economic Development & Tourism Services (EDTS), James Thibert were in Oakville Thursday to meet with the Honourable Joseph Cordiano, Minister of Economic Development and Trade for Ontario to specifically discuss the Ontario auto sector and explore ways to increase manufacturing plants and export trade.

Mayor Redekop is a long standing member of the Ontario Mayors for Automotive Investment Coalition and used the opportunity of the meeting to ensure the case for Fort Erie was put forward.

Mayor Redekop went with three key messages to deliver. “I wanted to ensure the Minister understood that we believe in collaboration with our colleague communities,” said Mayor Redekop. “But we also have to ensure that when an opportunity arises for a new investment (greenfield development) that Fort Erie is provided a level playing field and ensure the site selection is based upon merit of the proposal.”

Mayor Redekop also put forward the need to recognize the border as critical trade infrastructure and for Ontario to work quickly with senior government in Canada and the U.S.A. to ensure our mutual trade reliance grows stronger through a more seamless border.

“Marketing Ontario around the world is also most critical to lay the groundwork for communities to successfully attract foreign investment,” said Mayor Redekop. “I proposed the Minister to consider re-building the Ontario Foreign Trade Affairs as a way to keep Ontario on the radar scope of the world and be a launch pad for Ontario communities to promote their industries and opportunities.”

“The Minister committed to giving those ideas serious attention and was most definitely in favour of working closely with the communities in this sector,” said Mayor Redekop.