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Fort Erie, Ontario, February 24, 2003 – Fort Erie Economic Development and Tourism Services (EDTS) General Manager, Jim Thibert, today announced that the EDTS has launched a US advertising campaign with $125,000 targeted towards promoting Fort Erie’s successful gaming industry.

“Gaming is an important sector and it’s big business in our community. Millions of people from outside the area and country come to Fort Erie for gaming yearly which has considerable impact on our Town. The Town benefits from tax revenue, charities from bingo proceeds, to name a few. It’s a huge injection into our economy. While each of the gaming corporations do their own competitive advertising,” said Thibert, “until now, there has been no real emphasis on promoting Fort Erie as a destination for gaming”.

The EDTS’ Gaming Industry Committee represents the Fort Erie Racetrack and Slots, Golden Nugget Bingo, Uncle Sam’s Bingo, Delta Bingo, the bingo hall associations and owners, the Holiday Inn and the Community Gaming Development Corporation. Herb McGirr, Marketing Manager for the Racetrack and who is a Committee member stated “This is very significant. It’s the first time that the gaming partners in our community have come together on a joint venture. This will yield very positive results.“ The financial contributions by the gaming partners is supplemented by marketing dollars invested by Town Council through the EDTS.

The ad campaign will appear in Western New York and Ohio newspaper, cable and print media. Ads will promote the fact that there is no tax on winnings; free parking; great exchange rates; and, a duty free allowance for US residents to a maximum of $200 for every day trip to Canada and $800 US for stays over forty-eight hours. Additionally, overnight packages for two, dinner specials and group rates will be promoted.

“We really enjoy some terrific market benefits here in Fort Erie that we’re aggressively promoting”, stated Claude Pilato, EDTS Vice Chairperson. “These are the types of results that the EDTS facilitates through partnership building. It’s what we do best for the Town and it’s working”.