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FORT ERIE, June 3, 2004 - Jim Thibert, General Manager of the Fort Erie Economic Development &Tourism Services (EDTS) announced today the EDTS has secured a $100,000 donation plus an on-going commitment toward establishing and operating a much needed medical clinic/group practice centre in Fort Erie’s west end (Ridgeway area).

The funds are being donated by Mr. Bruno Dammizio through his company that is planning a new world class golf course in Fort Erie.

“The EDTS was successful in attracting a medical clinic elsewhere in Fort Erie that will open in September” said Mr. Thibert “but the Town remains medically underserviced and Fort Erie’s municipal Council has a priority to establish a clinic in the west end of the community.”

“When I saw the scope and high quality of the proposed Niagara River Golf Club, I immediately contacted the developer”, said Mr. Thibert. “Often golf tournaments are used to raise funds for community projects and I wanted to ensure that the West End Medical Clinic was seen as a priority.”

“Tournaments of this calibre of course can raise $25,000 to $40,000” said Mr. Thibert, “and so I was completely astounded when Mr. Dammizio agreed to my proposal but also offered an additional $100,000 in funds to match the Town’s share.”

“I am from Niagara”, said Mr. Dammizio. “I can understand some of the challenges we face and like many others, I had to leave Niagara in order to make my career. He continues, “I became successful and now I want to develop quality projects that build on the attributes of Niagara, projects that are environmentally sound and contribute to the community’s prosperity.”

The West End Medical Clinic is an initiative that the Town has been pursuing for more than a year and is in the early stage of conceptual planning. Funds are needed for capital development and equipment as well as potential offsets to annual operating costs.